Own private land, a commercial site, or an industrial or municipal park property that’s ready for development?

Get your Atlantic Canada Certified Site Designation to stand out and attract the attention of global investors and site selectors.

When your property receives its Atlantic Canada Certified Site Designation, it becomes more attractive to investors and site selectors who then have the key data and property information they need to speed up site selection decisions, reducing both their risk and time to market. To become certified, your property will undergo an assessment review, and once it becomes a certified site, you know that it will stand out and be ready to meet the needs of investors.

When a site gets certified it:

  1. Assures investors and site selectors looking for an optimal location that all the key documents, reviews, and assessments most commonly required are in place. For investors, certified sites mean lower risk, faster turnaround times, and quicker approvals.
  2. Provides key data and property information about a location’s availability, utilities, transportation access, and environmental records, helping investors and site selectors make faster site selections based on their specific needs.
  3. Is marketed with an advertising program in national and international markets, providing visibility to global investors and decision-makers, increasing your chances of selling your property.
  4. Ensures the location is suitable and ready for development since sites only receive their Atlantic Canada Certified Site Designation after meeting the minimum criteria and having an assessment review done by an independent third party with extensive knowledge of commercial site attraction.

This pan-Atlantic initiative brings together the Government of Canada and the provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island to provide exposure and attract investment to the Atlantic region through the promotion of pre-qualified development sites.

Get your Atlantic Canada Certified Site Designation so you can stand out and attract the attention of global investors and site selectors. Anyone in Atlantic Canada whose property meets the minimum eligibility criteria can participate, so please create an account by filling out the form below to start the process of showing the world the potential of your property.

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